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Dirigir Coaching & Consulting. Our passion is Coaching, Mentorship, Personal and Professional Development in Lisbon Portugal!

We offer Executive Coaching, Mentorship, Extended DISC® Behavior Analysis, Expat Coaching and Freelancing Business Consulting in English, Swedish and hopefully soon Portuguese. 
Why coaching? John Whitmore said it so well in his book, Coaching for Performance ”To get the best out of people, we have to believe the best is in there. But how do we know it is, how much is there, and how do we get it out?"
Coaching will show you how powerful it is and how you as a business executive or valued team-member can be the answer to how your company turn to higher revenue. Prosperity, healthy companies, stronger team-sprit and the exiting power-feeling of success!
We can meet in person in Lisbon or remote. Update, see News

What we do

Executive Coaching

Be the business leader you know you are, take it to the next level, dare yourself and exceed your own expectations. Make that improvement.
An executive coach is a qualified professional who works with executives; Directors or other high positions Managers, to help them gain self-awareness, make goals visible, achieve their development targets and unleash their full potential.
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Team leaders, supervisors, mid-level-executives etc, all live in a fast-paced reality that is all about numbers and results. A coach will help the team and leaders achieve more.
The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
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Mentorship Program

Both new executives and established leaders thrive with a mentorship relationship.
Starting a new business will definitely help with a mentor who is used to start up companies or new offices. A mentor should be a support, a safe confidential space, a source of experience and knowledge and also a tough communicator of messages that sometimes have to be heard.
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Consultant Management

Hire a senior recruiter, project leader, operation director, customer service specialist, team-leader, business developer or experienced manager.
For companies that has a need for a freelancing business consultant with profound experienced and extensive knowledge.

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Extended DISC® Behavior Analysis

Extended DISC® are specifically designed to help employees to become more successful, improving the success of individuals, teams and organizations.
Extended DISC® is a tool that helps companies and professionals to know their capacity and feature with regard to their professional potential (leadership, communication, for example.
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International coaching for
expats or retired in Portugal.

It is your "dream come true" but you feel something is missing?
The reasons to having difficulties or feeling a little lost in your new residence country can be many, some feels huge and difficult to handle and some minor – but they can keep you from fully adapt and harmonize with your decision to move away from your home.
Coaching for expats and retired