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Owner and Founder

Why starting this company? 

Ulrica Maria Källhammer - Dirigir Coaching and Consulting

Ulrica Maria Källhammer. Experienced business leader, professional coach, mentor, owner and founder to Dirigir Coaching and Consulting and why I love coaching and mentoring so much!

Passionate about Coaching, Developing and Leadership. 

My resume includes having worked as CEO both as external and as owner. I have established several businesses. I worked in sales, recruitment and staffing industry, as Head of Business Area with the responsibility of 11 in-house Consultant Managers and 200 out-leased employees with sale budget of 20 milj.€ per year and I also established new recruitment office for the same company. Later as owner and founder in my own recruitment company. I worked in top quality jewellery boutique as Operation Manager and I have worked as a very successful CEO for several real estate companies. I have lately in my career educated myself to professional coach and this has become my passion. I love to meet people in different positions and see they grow with strength, joy and contentment in their tasks and goals.

Since my long and wide experienced and knowledge is as business leader, sales manager and in team leadership, I have decided to focus my coaching and mentoring to the business sector. I will also work as a freelance consultant in areas of my expertise, for example senior recruiter, project leader, operation director, customer care specialist, business developer or experienced manager. 
I moved from Sweden to beautiful Portugal in December 2017, first I lived in a house by the sea in Carvoeiro Algarve and in May 2020 I moved to a wonderful apartment in the vibrant exited city of Lisbon. I love both Lisbon and Algarve, but mostly I love Portugal, the kind people, the amazing food and the outstanding beautiful extraordinaire nature. 
I speak English, Swedish understand Norwegian and hopefully soon Portuguese we can meet in person in Lisbon, or remote.
Please contact me, I would love to talk with you, Ulrica Maria Källhammer