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Ulrica Maria Källhammer - Dirigir Coaching and Consulting

Ulrica Maria Källhammer is internationally certified as Extended DISC® Behavioral Analyst. Extended DISC® is a tool that helps companies and professionals to know their capacity and feature with regard to their professional potential (leadership, communication, for example).

Extended DISC® is an assessment tools that provide you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees. Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources.
Extended DISC® are specifically designed to help your employees to modify their behaviours to become more successful, improving the success of individuals, teams and organizations. Identify training needs. The assessment adapts this designation by stating that there are four basic behavioural characteristics in people.
Simplified example of the four, off course there are many different mixes between them:
Dominance (D) - have reference to how the person manage problems and/ or challenges.
Influence (I) - have reference to how the person manage people and influences others.
Stability (S) - have reference to how the person manage changes and their pace.
Compliance (C) - have reference to how the person manage rules and strategy established by others.
The information can be presented on: 
Organizational level
Divisional level
Team level
Individual level
The Extended DISC® behavioral analysis is a great complement in coaching. Professionals can obtain greater productivity and efficiency, as well as improve their leadership skills.
Organizational development
Leadership development
Team development
Sales/team/management training
Individual development
Better management decisions
Identify training needs and learning best suited to each type of profile
Promote faster change of processes
Greater productivity and efficiency
Improve the use of strengths
Identify the motivations of each team member
Improve communication