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What is coaching? Why coaching? Does it really make that big difference?

Ulrica Maria Källhammer - Dirigir Coaching and Consulting
Coaching will show you how powerful it is and how you as a business executive or valued team-member can be the answer to how your company turn to higher revenue. Prosperity, healthy companies, stronger team-sprit and the exiting power-feeling of success.
An executive coach is a qualified professional who works with executives; Directors or other high positions Managers, to help them gain self-awareness, make goals visible, achieve their development targets and unleash their full potential. A professional coach has talents, techniques, experience, knowledge, skills and tools that help the client make the right changes. The coach helps the client by helping them see the answer they already have inside themselves. A professional coach never gives advice or chooses the topic to talk about - the focus is always on the client, the client can from this method recognize their own strengths and assets. Explore new perspectives, set goals and create action plans to achieve them. Identify and end bad habits and patterns, increased self-awareness and increase levels of motivation. Discover the unknown thoughts and beliefs that hold them back, celebrate successes and improve their leadership.
Ulrica Maria Källhammer has a International Diploma as ICF Coach (The International Coaching Federation) and she is a member of the world's largest community of professional coaches, ICF Global. As an ICF Member, you represent the highest quality of professional coaching.
The G.R.O.W coaching model is a proven model for structuring and maximizing coaching sessions. The power of the GROW coaching model is that it leads to a clearly defined end-result through four phases.
The G.R.O.W model. Goal. Reality. Options (problems). Will (to move forward).
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Ulrica Maria is internationally certified as Extended DISC® Behavioral Analyst. Extended DISC® is a tool that helps companies and professionals obtain greater productivity and efficiency, as well as to obtain information on a possible strategy to be implemented.
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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment. Key words in ICF's definition are partnering, thought-provoking, and maximize potential. The value of a coach lies in his or her ability to serve as an insight-provoking partner, supporting the client to design his or her own act for sustainable strategies for success and development.
Coaching for expats or retired i Portugal?

The difference of a Coach, Mentor and Therapist?

When working professionally this different profession doesn't compete with each other. People can confuse coaching with mentoring, or therapy, and a professional coach draws a firm line between these disciplines. Coaching is not to be seen as taking the place of these other professions, nor is it in conflict with them.
Therapy is primarily for the purpose of diagnosing and healing mental illness or helping a person who is depressed. Coaching, on the other hand, supports fully functioning and healthy individuals in making changes in their life and moving forward with intentional action. Coaching work strictly towards a target/ goal in the future for healthy people. But therapy and coaching can also complement each other when the timing is right and the client it is back and mentally stable.

A mentorship can be an association between equally experienced but with knowledgeable people in different areas, where the mentor is a support in a certain area, such as reorganization or terminations. And it can also be a relationship between a more experienced person and a less experienced person in order to get information and support in a specific mentor program designed to help and develop the person in their goals, visions and ideas. 
Mentors need to be different for different people and different phases. Sometimes a mentor must dare to be the one who gives you honest constructive criticism, who asks you difficult questions about where you are going and asks you to think through your business idea again and again. A mentor should be a support, a safe confidential space, a source of experience and knowledge and also a tough communicator of messages that sometimes have to be heard. 


Anonymous coach client to Ulrica Maria Källhammer

  • To what extent did you achieve the goals you set with the coaching? Yes, to a large extent and during the course of the work, new goals have emerged to work towards.

  • What value would you like to say that coaching has had for you on a scale of 1 - 10? 10! I myself would not have been able to make my needs visible or had the strength to act on it.

  • In what way has coaching increased your efficiency? I can now sort out what is most important for the moment and I have started to learn to act to reach the goals that feel far away.

  • In what way has coaching saved your energy? I do not put energy into feeling that I have no control.

  • In what way has coaching increased your commitment? I have begun to realize how much power I have to influence my own situation.

  • In what way has coaching increased your communication and collaboration skills. I have begun to challenge myself to think about and express what I need to develop.

  • Do you think your coach has challenged you in a good way? Yes I think so. I have been forced to go into difficult areas that are outside my comfort zone, to get ahead.

  • Did your coach follow up on your commitments appropriately? Yes, we set goals and things I would work on for the next meeting, then we went through how it had gone.

  • What surprised you in the coaching you received? That I, to a much greater extent than I had thought before, had the answers within myself.

  • Other comments. Ulrica is a fantastic person and coach with heart, warmth, sharpness and skills that will make a big difference for many people.