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International coaching for

expats or retired in Portugal

It is your "dream come true" but you feel something is missing?

The weather is amazing, the food and wine outstanding, the people so nice, the golf-courses, beaches and the hikes on top of the cliffs so beautiful and spectacular - but yet this feeling that something is missing in your life still won't go away. I know the feeling, and I know that you can do something about it – and get the life of your dreams. 
I (Ulrica Maria Källhammer) am an expatriate (expat) myself and know how challenging it can be to move to another country, especially if you also are a young retired or doesn’t work anymore for some reason. My company "Dirigir Coaching & Consulting" is focused on the business sector because of my background as an experienced business leader, but I also offer, coaching for expats in Portugal. I speak English, Swedish understand Norwegian and we can meet in person in Algarve or Lisbon, or remote.
The reasons to having difficulties or feeling a little lost in your new residence country can be many, some feels huge and difficult to handle and some minor – but they can keep you from fully adapt and harmonize with your decision to move away from your home. Leave all your friends, family, work colleagues and familiar things to do. Everything works different in another country, some to the better and some maybe not as you would had wished for. All these feelings are natural, and coaching will help you find your new self. Who are you in this country, what are your possibility’s here, what new role can you get energy from here?

For me it was first wonderful, everything felt just perfect, like a paradise but after a while I started to miss some things. Like working, I did not feel quite finished with that part, I felt too young to stop working at my age – I missed having a job to go to, socialize with colleagues and to have a week-routine of work days and a weekend to look forward to. Every day was a Saturday. I also felt it difficult to meet new friends in my own age group. But now I have turn that around and all my previous concerns are gone as a leaf in the wind, but you need to act yourself, no one will fix this for you – you have to do it yourself and you will find the answers inside you. Coaching will help you. 
I moved from Sweden to beautiful Algarve, Portugal, to a dream-house with walking distance to the sea and the beautiful cliffs between Carvoeiro and Ferragudo and now I also divide my time in a wonderful apartment in the vibrant exited city of Lisbon. 
Please contact me, coaching will help you get the life you deserve.
Ulrica Maria Källhammer - Dirigir Coaching and Consulting